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Help! My Windows Are Turning Foggy

Help! My Windows Are Turning Foggy

15 July 2021
foggy windows with condensation on it

Help! My Windows Are Turning Foggy

During the summer months, we have an increased number of people getting in touch to find out why the interior of their windows has started to turn foggy and how they can get this fixed before it gets any worse.

What Is The Fog?

If the fog is between the panes of glass in your window, the chances are that this is condensation. There will be a small gap in your window seal (this can be either on the inside or outside) that has allowed moisture in. typically you will notice this more when the sun is beating down on your window. It can also occasionally look like little water droplets between the glass.

Can I Repair The Window?

Once you have noticed your windows are foggy, you might be looking for a quick home fix or a simple repair. While there are plenty of quick fixes, sadly none of them will last long term and is more of a temporary fix.
We have seen advice to heat the window using a hairdryer, which dries out the condensation. However, this will quickly return.
There are also kits available online to reseal the window to reduce further moisture. There is no surefire way to dry between the panes after moisture has entered, meaning that if you were to reseal, you could be sealing the moisture in. A secondary seal will also not be as effective as the original. Read more on our article “Can Double Glazing Be Resealed?”.

Replacement Units

Once you notice that you have moisture between your panes, the cheapest option, rather than replacing your entire frames, is to invest in replacement units.
Replacement units are entirely sealed double, or triple, glazing units that can be fitted into your existing frames. This is ideal if you are only replacing one window (or even a small section of windows) or when your frames are well within their expected lifespan.
Here at Salop Glass, we will never recommend that you replace a whole window where a replacement unit is more suitable.

Keeping your windows and frames clean can help you identify an issue before it gets worse or becomes a problem. If you find any issues that you are unsure of, please contact a member of our expert team who will be happy to assist you further.

For more information on replacement double glazing, or if you have a question regarding your current windows, please get in touch with a member of our expert team today. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our knowledge hub, and a range of other information in our blogs.