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How Can I Ensure Patio Door Security?

How Can I Ensure Patio Door Security?

24 April 2023
Outside shot of patio doors

How Can I Ensure Patio Door Security?

Patio doors are excellent for creating a flow between your garden and your home, which can provide the perfect gateway between the indoors and outdoors. Glass patio doors allows the sunlight to flood your home with warmth and light, as well as giving you a wonderful view into your welcoming garden space. All of our patio doors are energy efficient, which means not only do they look good but they save you money! The addition of patio doors can help to increase the value of your home, making them an excellent investment. 

You may be wondering about the security of patio doors, as they are another access point into your home. We understand that whilst style and aesthetics are important, functionality and safety are a priority to ensure the security of your loved ones and your home. In this article, we are going to run through how you can ensure the security of your patio doors. 

What types of patio door offers security? 

Here at Salop Glass, we only provide high-quality patio doors and our aluminium patio doors are an excellent example of this. If security is your top priority, then we highly recommend our slide 2000 aluminium patio doors. The doors are all fitted with a multi-locking, one-piece lock for added security. This multi-locking lock secures the door at multiple points and spreads the weight between the locks, in the event that someone attempts to force the door open. These high-quality security locking mechanisms mean that you can feel secure in your home at all times, especially if you live or spend time alone or have small children. Plus, secure locks and great looks aren’t all our doors have to offer – our sliding doors offer resistance to the elements, like wind and rain as well as providing airtight protection for energy efficiency.

What features do patio doors offer for security?

Your security doesn’t have to be limited to aluminium, as we offer a wide range of secure patio doors. Our uPVC doors come with some excellent security features: 

  • Each uPVC patio door comes fitted with multipoint locking which includes interlocking shoot bolt mechanisms. This means that there are multiple locking points on the patio door which add extra layers of security. 
  • For extra reassurance, our uPVC doors are also equipped with a 3* anti-snap cylinder making this patio door fit for a fortress! This anti-snap cylinder prevents potential intruders from snapping the lock in half to gain access to your property. Instead of snapping into two halves when struck, the anti-snap cylinder includes small segments which break off and make it more difficult for the intruder to break the cylinder. 
  • We consider safety and security at the top of our priority list for our customers. Our uPVC doors also feature a dual-purpose anti-lift and slash stabilising trim, which prevents the glass panes from being removed from the frames of your patio doors. 

Interested in our secure patio doors?

Here at Salop Glass believe that your peace of mind is paramount which is why we only provide high-quality, hard-wearing and secure patio doors. If you have any queries or concerns over the security of patio doors then please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team who has a wealth of knowledge on the best secure patio doors for your home.