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How Important Are A-Rated Windows?

How Important Are A-Rated Windows?

19 August 2021
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How Important Are A-Rated Windows?

When you are looking at investing in new windows you will be bombarded with statements about A-rated windows as though they are the only option available. While they aren’t the only option on the market. They are the best option available. So why are they a good investment for your home?

A-Rated Windows

The A in A-Rated refers to the energy efficiency rating. This means that the better rated your windows, the better your energy bills will be, particularly in winter. A rating of “E” would be the lowest possible rating. The likes of poor fitting frames with single-pane glass are more likely to be around this rating. The more glazing you have, such as double and triple pane windows, the better your rating is expected to be. However, your frames will also play a part in this as these can be where the majority of your heat escapes.

The best rating on the market is currently A++, but as technology advances, there is the possibility of this increasing further.

Why Are They Important For Me?

There is no requirement for you to invest in A-rated windows for your own home. However, if you are planning on renting out your property there are a number of reasons why you should. Firstly, each landlord needs to be able to provide an EPC (Energy Performance Rating)to display the energy rating of the property. There is a current minimum rating to rent out, however, we recommend checking with your local authority to find out the most up-to-date information. The better your energy rating for a rented property, the better rent you can charge, which will inevitably pay for the upgrades.

If you are selling your home within the next 5 years, the energy rating will greatly increase the value of your home. For many people buying a new home having newer windows (and doors) with a high energy, rating is key. It means that they can invest in the interior of their home without the big concern of windows.

In terms of investing in A-Rated windows for a home that you are intending to live in, that’s entirely your decision. However, there are a number of great benefits:

  • Lower energy bills – Higher rated windows will mean that you lose less heat through your windows in the winter, and you need to use fewer cooling systems in the summer
  • Attractive frames – Newer windows and frames are usually higher rated, meaning that investing in better windows allows you to have more attractive window frames (and matching doors)
  • Increased security – Higher rated windows also offer an increased level of security, both through better glass panels and modern frames

For more information on investing in A-Rated windows from Salop Glass, please get in touch with a member of our expert team who will be happy to discuss this with you. You can also find a range of answers to frequently asked questions on our knowledge hub.