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How Will Your Bespoke Composite Door Look?

How Will Your Bespoke Composite Door Look?

5 October 2021
A distinction yellow composite door in a home

How Will Your Bespoke Composite Door Look?

You may have seen coloured doors popping up around your local area. From vibrant reds to on-trend pastels, sunshine yellow and bright purples. And did you know that they are not simply painted uPVC or wooden doors? They might be composite doors.

The Colours

Unlike wooden or uPVC doors, composite doors do not need to be painted to achieve stunning, long-lasting colours. The colour of a composite door runs throughout the door, meaning that the colour will withstand the sun, rather than bleaching.
Thanks to the unique process that creates the composite doors, almost any colour can be given to them. Here at Salop Glass, we work with a range of base colours as standard, which usually perfectly matches our customer’s requirements. However, if you are looking for a very specific colour or shade, please speak o a member of our team today who will be happy to look into this for you.

The Finish

When uPVC doors started to gain popularity, the biggest draw was the lifespan and the security. However, many people did not like the plastic, clinical appearance that they offered. While composite doors are primarily made from a combination of different types of plastics they offer a completely different appearance.
While you can still opt for that smooth finish, the benefit of composite doors is that you can opt for a number of different finishes. For example, if you like the finish of a wooden door, but want all the benefits of a composite door, you can opt for a wood finish. The wood finish looks great in all of the designs, and in each colour, so comes highly recommended.

The Glass

Front door fashions come in waves. With some wanting large glass panels, others opting for a solid door, and some still opting for the crescent of windows at the top of the door. With composite doors, you have a large selection of configurations for how you would like your windows. From a row of small square windows, little diamonds, large panels and everything in between.
Not only can you choose your window configuration, but you can also choose the glass within them. From frosted glass to bubbles, cubes and diamonds. You can find the one to suit your style.

Key Features

Here at Salop Glass, we don’t want you to go through all the thought processes for the main door, from colours to glass, without giving you just as many options when it comes to the key features on the door. Will you have a door knocker? What kind of letterbox would you like? Have you considered if you would like these to be black, silver, bronze? Do you need door handles? Or would you like pull open doors?
There are many key features to consider, and we will be here ready to support you through the decisions.

Door Designer

With such a vast array of choices, we couldn’t possibly put them all into a catalogue, or an online gallery. So the team over at Door Designer UK helped to create a bespoke door designer that you can head over to and add every feature to your door as you go. You can even trial how different features suit different colours. At the end, you can upload an image of your home to see how your new door could look.

Still unsure? Here’s an example of a recent installation from the team where we removed the existing door and side panels and replaced with new composite door and glass panels, designed right there on the Door Designer.

aaa upvc entrance beforeaaa upvc entrance after with new composite door and side screens

For more information on designing your own door, or on composite doors, please get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you.