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Increase The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home With Salop Glass

Increase The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home With Salop Glass

26 August 2022
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Increase The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home With Salop Glass

If you would like to minimise your heating bill this winter, one great option is to increase the energy efficiency of your home. One tried and true method of doing this is to replace your current windows and doors, particularly if you live in an older home with single-pane windows or have an old draughty door.

In this article from Salop Glass, we’ll be going through the various ways that a set of replacement windows and doors can transform your home and help to minimise your heating bills this winter. At Salop Glass, we’ve been working with these products for decades, meaning that we can provide you with expert advice — advice which takes your home and circumstances in mind. 

Contact us today for more information. Our experienced team will be happy to discuss your needs. 

Replacing Doors Mitigates 20% Heat Leakage

Older doors are a very common cause of energy loss in the home, and they account for up to 40% of heat leakage in the home. The cause of this heat leakage is complicated. Sometimes, there is a structural fault in the door, for example, a crack or a broken postbox. However, by far the most common fault is one with the weather stripping around your doors – weatherproofing which becomes damaged and worn out.

While it is possible to have that weather stripping replaced, replacement weather stripping rarely performs as well as the stripping the door came with. At the same time, many older doors never had weather stripping installed in the first place. This can be a problem if you’ve moved into a particularly old house — one which has a facade which must be maintained for historical reasons. 

As such, having a new, energy-efficient front door installed in your home is not a bad idea. For one, modern uPVC doors and composite doors are designed to be as energy efficient as possible – out of materials chosen because they reflect heat. At Salop Glass, we carry a wide range of door types, from composite to uPVC. As such, we’re sure that you’ll find one door in our catalogue that matches your range — even if you must have a door that looks like your old one. 

Double Glazed Windows are 50% More Energy Efficient

Studies have shown again and again that double glazing is 50% more energy efficient than traditional single-pane glass. This means considerable savings if your home currently uses single-pane glass windows – as many still do.

If you’re feeling apprehensive about having double-glazed windows, you could, of course, opt for composite glazing instead. Composite glazing offers a similar level of energy efficiency to double-glazing windows, albeit with a more traditional design. This makes them ideal for older homes with significant heritage and history which must be maintained.

Either of these options would be fantastic if you’re looking to replace your home’s windows, and we cary both at Salop Glass.

Replacement Doors and Windows in Telford

Salop Glass provides high-quality replacement windows and doors for our clients in Telford, Shrewsbury and throughout Shropshire. At the same time, we also provide double-glazing repairs in Telford, Shrewsbury and Shropshire.

For more information about our range of windows and doors in Shrewsbury, please contact Salop Glass today.