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Keeping Your Home Cooler In Summer Without Air Conditioning

Keeping Your Home Cooler In Summer Without Air Conditioning

5 August 2021
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Keeping Your Home Cooler In Summer Without Air Conditioning

As summer has officially hit the UK we start looking for ways to cool down the interior of our homes, without the use of costly air conditioning. So how can you keep cool?
There are a number of tricks you can use to cool down your home, or even just a specific room to make you more comfortable. Here are some of the best ones our team has found.

Draw The Curtains

One of the best parts about summer is enjoying the glorious sunshine, and watching the glow it sends through your house and windows. However, this will be contributing to the heat you are feeling in your home. Closing your curtains and/or blinds in rooms that the sun is impacting will help to cool the air in the room down significantly. Making it a more pleasant room to be in. If your bedroom gets a good dose of the late afternoon or evening sun, closing your curtains early will help o keep the space cooler when it comes to bedtime.

Create A Through Breeze

On days where there just is no breeze, keep your windows closed where possible as this will stop the hot air from entering the room. However, if there is a breeze, open several windows around your home to create a through breeze. This helps to circulate air around your home and can often cool several rooms down. Remember, this only works if the internal doors in your home are open too.

Add Some Water

We know that adding water in hot situations can sometimes lead to humid and sticky situations. However, by adding water we mean place bowls of water around your home. This can help to cool the space. Adding bowls of water in front of open windows helps the breeze to carry the cool air from the water around the room, avoiding dry heat.
Any hot pets around the home will also benefit from the additional water.

Unplug Devices

You may think that simply switching off your devices is enough to cut the power and thus heat to them. However, unplugging devices around your home when they are not in use can help to reduce the heat produced by the electricity around the home. You may think it only makes a small impact, but several plugs in one room have a bigger impact than you may realise.

Swap Out The Lightbulbs

Many lightbulbs put out a significant amount of heat while they light up your room, particularly halogen bulbs. Look at swapping out the bulbs in your home for more energy-efficient and modern bulbs. Not only will they help the heat in your home, but will also help your energy bills!

Avoid The Oven

It may seem like a simple solution, but it can be an effective way of keeping cool. Instead of turning on your oven for your evening meal look at things that can be done without it. Consider salads and sandwiches. These will also help keep you cooler overall.

Invest In A Fan

Many people use fans in the heat and talk about how they just push the hot air around. There are two ways to help your fan push cooler air around the room. Firstly, put your fan in front of an open window. This will draw in cooler air to flow sound your room. Secondly, Put a bowl of water in front of the fan. The cool air that rises from the water will then be pushed around the room.

Invest In New Windows

Here at Salop Glass, we recommend that when it comes time to swap out your windows you invest in the best for energy efficiency. Modern windows are designed to keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer, offering you a cooler home even if the sun is beating on the windows. They can make a huge difference to the feel of your home.

For more information on new energy-efficient windows for your home please get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also find answers to a range of frequently asked questions on our knowledge hub.