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New Patio Doors For Summer

New Patio Doors For Summer

22 March 2021
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New Patio Doors For Summer

When it comes to summer, we all want to make the most of our gardens, and that might include allowing the great outdoors to come into our home.

Pick Your Style

There are a number of different styles of patios doors available depending on your personal preference, or the space that you have available. The main three styles that we offer here at Salop Glass are:
Standard Patio Doors
The first style that we offer is the classic patio door. Typically these doors are sliding doors where the one side remains static and the other slides in front. This is a great option if you have a nice big wall for your windows, but limited space on either side for usual opening doors. They also allow you to get the greatest amount of light and open and close the door as much as you like.
Bi-fold Patio Doors
Bi-fold doors are a great option if you want to really open up your home to the great outdoors. These doors can fill a whole wall, but also open entirely to remove the wall and allow in the fresh air. This style of patio doors opens to either both sides or to the one side depending on you space and design and can be completely out of the way if you are in and out of the house. Making them great when you have guests over in summer.
French Doors
French doors are usually considered the most stylish of the patio door options. They give an air of elegance to a room. They also allow you to open one or both doors to suit you. These are the perfect option if you have a smaller space or window that you are replacing as they do not take up a whole wall.

High Quality

Here at Salop Glass, we ensure that no matter which style of patio doors you are choosing, you will be provided with the greatest service and quality from start to finish.
Starting with the design consultation we will discuss with you the space that we will be working with and help you to come to the right decision in style for both the space and your own personal style. This can include as to whether you opt for uPVC or Aluminium frames and doors.
Our team of expert fitters endeavour to cause as little disruption as possible while fitting your new patio doors and will tidy up after they have done.
You will be left with high-quality A-rated patio doors that perfectly suit your space. What more could you ask for.

For more information on new patio doors for your home, you can check out our knowledge hub or get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to help you. Check out our blog for more ideas on how to improve your home this summer.