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What Style of Conservatory Should You Choose? 

What Style of Conservatory Should You Choose? 

24 December 2020
A conservatory with white frames

What Style of Conservatory Should You Choose? 

A conservatory can make a fantastic addition to your home, they let in natural light, create an extra room that’s multifunctional, and add value to your home! 

Conservatories are also a simpler alternative to a traditional extension, as they rarely require planning permission, and they’re often cheaper too! There are also many styles and designs of conservatory, so you can choose a style that suits you and your home. 

So, if you’re thinking of adding a conservatory to your home, read on for help choosing the perfect style! 


Georgian style

Also known as Edwardian style, this style of conservatory features a flat front and a square or rectangular shape. Georgian conservatories are symmetrical, so it’s easy to lay out furniture and fill the space within them, Georgian conservatories offer maximum floor space and a light and airy room. 


Gable style

Gable conservatories are rectangular, and offer similar floor space to Georgian styles, however, the roof is designed with a high roof slope, giving a real feeling of space, and maximising light. 


Victorian style

The Victorian style is the most popular style of conservatory, and suits most homes. Victorian conservatories are designed with a bay front, that is either at an angle or slightly curved, the roof of the Victorian style conservatory has a steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge.


Lean-to style

Lean- to conservatories are the simplest style conservatories, their clean lines create a modern appeal, and they’re well-suited to homes with less space, the lean-to style conservatory can be adapted to suit your home.


P or T Shape

Both P and T shape conservatories are fantastic for larger properties, they can combine different styles to create a large space that suits your needs.


Here at Salop Glass, we use Ultra frame Roofing Systems to create elegant and contemporary conservatories. Our conservatories are available in a range of colours, and the foil products we use can also be complemented by a variety of foiled trims, and colour matching ancillaries and ventilators.


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