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When Are Replacement Units Worth it?

When Are Replacement Units Worth it?

23 December 2021
A worker installing high performing UPVC Windows

When Are Replacement Units Worth it?

Many people are torn between the decision of investing in new windows entirely, replacing just a problem window or even just replacement units.

What are the signs that my unit needs replacing?

There are a number of signs that your window unit needs replacing. The first sign is that you have moisture or condensation between the panes of glass. While some places suggest repairs, unfortunately, there is no repair that will completely resolve this issue, except for a replacement unit.
Increased levels of noise can also be a sign that your window unit has areas where the seal has gone. This will usually be accompanied by a draft coming into your home. This issue with decrease the energy efficiency of your home, increasing your household bills. Replacing the unit helps to keep the cost of the repair down while bringing your bills back down.
Replacement units simply take the glass unit out of your frame, and replace it with a complete new sealed unit. This means that your existing frame will remain in place, and if any issues are the frame rather than the unit, they will remain. To reduce the risk of this we recommend calling in a professional to get a firm suggestion. Here at Salop Glass, we want the best for our customers, so if we think you only need to replace the unit, that is what we will advise.

When is it worth replacing the whole window?

We mentioned above that one of the signs that your unit needs replacing is that you have increased levels of external noise, accompanied by drafts.
However, depending on where this is coming from, it may actually be the frame that is causing the issue rather than the unit itself. While this can be resolved using filler in most cases, however, it doesn’t always work and it certainly isn’t a long term fix. It may be that you need to completely replace the window to ensure that the issue is resolved.
Damage to your frame would also indicate your need to replace the whole window. This could be cracks, damage to hinges or damage to lock and handles. All of these can reduce the security of the frame, and even reduce its stability. Once the integrity of the frame is compromised with damage, there is little you can do to restore it. It may also invalidate any household insurance if the damage is existing.

Can I match a new frame to an old frame?

Depending on the style of windows that you have on your home, it is possible that you may be able to exchange one complete window for another and get a perfect match. However, there are a number of other factors to consider rather than just the style.
Depending on how long your existing windows have been in place, you might notice signs of weathering to the frames. This means that no matter how close a match we get your new frame, it will never look exactly the same. This can be on the finish, the colour or even the handles and fittings.

If you are considering new windows in Shropshire, please get in touch with a member of the team here at Salop glass who will be happy to assist you. IF you are unsure if you need a replacement window unit our team of professionals will be able to assess your requirements and offer you the best advice for your circumstances.