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Why Choose A-Rated Windows? 

Why Choose A-Rated Windows? 

17 December 2020
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Why Choose A-Rated Windows? 

If you’re thinking of replacing your windows you will probably have noticed that window ‘ratings’ are referred to regularly, but what do these ratings mean, and should you choose A-Rated windows? 


Window ratings explained


The UK’s window ratings are provided by the ratings council BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council), and measures the energy efficiency of a window. This rating is applied after heat loss, air leakage and solar gain are all considered. 


Typically coded between A and G, this rating tells you how effective your windows are at retaining energy. The higher the BFRC rating a window has, the higher this window will perform, and the more energy efficient a window is, the better your home will retain heat- lowering your energy bills! 


A-Rated windows are some of the most energy efficient windows available on the market. An A-Rating indicates that the window only lets out as much heat as it lets in from the outside, while an A+ Rating meaning the window actually lets in more heat than it lets out!


B-Rated windows offer many of the same benefits of A-Rated windows, but are slightly less efficient. While C-Rated windows and below are far less energy efficient, however, they are also less expensive than A and B-Rated windows. 


Should you choose A-Rated windows?


Our A-rated windows are perfect for households that require low maintenance windows that look great and perform to a high standard. Our comprehensive range of A-rated windows are perfect for all types of properties, and their exceptional energy efficiency will save you money, and help to reduce your carbon footprint!


While price will of course be a driving factor in choosing the rating of your windows, it’s also important to consider the long term savings you could make by choosing A-Rated windows. Windows with a lower grading are less efficient, meaning they lose more heat than they let in. So while A-Rated windows might cost more initially, they will keep your house warm, and save you money on your energy bills in the long-run! 


When it comes to replacing your windows, A-Rated windows are undeniably the best choice, they’ll save you money, keep your house warmer, and reduce your carbon footprint too! 


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