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Why You Should Have a Mirror Installed In Your Home

Why You Should Have a Mirror Installed In Your Home

18 May 2022
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Why You Should Have a Mirror Installed In Your Home

People have been using mirrors in one form or another since the beginning of history – with the oldest mirror (which was actually made of volcanic obsidian) dating back to 6000 BC. 

Today, they are a staple of many living spaces throughout the world. But if you’re on the fence about having a mirror installed in your home, here are five reasons why you should have one installed in your home.

Read on to discover how installing a mirror is a great way of transforming your home. 

5 – Mirrors are Practical. Really Practical

To get the absolute most obvious of these reasons out of the way: mirrors are simply very, very practical. Whether you want to check whether a particular piece of clothing fits correctly, check your hair or makeup, or ensure that your contact lenses are in the right place, there is simply no substitute for a high quality mirror. These are only a few of the literally dozens of uses for a mirror; we’re sure that you have your own. 

4 – Mirrors Make a Room Feel Bigger 

The next reason why you absolutely should consider investing in a mirror for your home is because they simply make a room feel bigger. For larger rooms this can give them an airy, more comfortable feeling – a feeling which is only multiplied when the mirror is placed in a smaller room. Indeed, for smaller rooms, the presence of a mirror can be the difference between relative comfort and claustrophobia.

So, if you’re thinking that a particular room in your home is looking a little small, consider having a mirror installed. You never know what a difference it can make.  

3 – Mirrors Make a Room Feel Brighter 

Related to the above is the fact that, as well as making a room feel bigger, it also helps a room feel brighter. This is because mirrors reflect 95% of the light which hits it – far more than almost any other object. As a result, you can use a mirror to create a secondary source of natural light – reflecting light coming from the sun. 

This is very useful if the room you’re thinking of having your mirror installed in doesn’t have an abundance of natural light. Not only can it brighten up a room –  a useful benefit by itself – but it also has another benefit…

2 – Mirrors Help To Direct Your Attention 

Thanks to the fact that your potential mirror reflects light, it naturally draws the eye to itself, in much the same way that a window or television set does. Because of this, you can easily use  your mirror as a centre-piece in your home or office. The benefit of this is that it helps to tie the 

1 – Mirrors Help Your Mental Health

The final reason why you should consider having a mirror installed in your home is because of the mental health benefits that come with mirrors. As well as helping to minimise the triggers for claustrophobia and increase the amount of natural light in your home (which has its own benefits), mirrors can be used as a form of meditation, through which you can build a positive self-image.

Building a positive self-image is important for a person’s overall mental health; it’s a key part of recovering from depression, and it can minimise the risk of developing certain other mental health problems. In a basic sense, developing a positive self-image is a great way of building self-confidence. 

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